Arizona Ice & Water Vendors, Inc. has been manufacturing some of the highest quality ice and water vending equipment in the industry since 1987. We are the only fully INTERTEK and NAMA certified ice and water machine manufacturer on the market.

20 Years Of Advancements &
Integration Are Behind Our Success

When you purchase one of our quality machines, you'll receive a machine that has all top of the line components built into it.

We're not only the manufacturer, we are our own customer. We operate our machines in the field just like our customers, so that we know exactly what you expect from us.

Whether you choose one of our custom built AWV-300-SS water windows or the AWV-505 Ice and Water Kiosk... you're making one of the smartest investments you'll ever make.

Every unit we produce is specifically designed for maximum performance and profitability for our customers. With everything from MDB technology to live monitoring packages for your machines, you’ll watch your profits increase with a machine from Arizona Water Vendors.

Are You Going Green?
Our Vending Philosophy Enables A Lower Carbon Footprint!

With as low as a 12% operating cost, the AWV-505 can boast an outstanding EBITA of 88% to be generated by owner operators, creating the best margins in the industry!

Water and ice are among the heaviest commodities for consumption. Combined with a high turn over and low margins, these items take up warehouse space which could be occupied by smaller, lighter and higher profiting products with the same or better turnover. The shipping of Ice & Water takes up valuable space in transit, not to mention the space on retail floors and the constant inflow of bulky or heavy pallets to be stocked.

The margins only get better by adopting a greener solution!

First by reducing the burden on transit, but also simultaneously implementing a 24/7 presence, saving customers the money normally added on for shipping, who will now actually do the heavy lifting! These shipping costs are built in to products as a normal cost of doing business, within a vending solution the cost savings can be passed on to customers or added to your profits. Vending Ice & Water takes the heaviest and lowest margin products off your floor to replenish them outside 24/7 all year long, with no management of truck deliveries or invoice reconciliation ever needed again!

Success Stories

"Our first purchase paid for itself in 3 months! We now have a great cash flow from existing customers even when our store is closed!" Jim Ellis, Texas

"I bought a competitors ice vending machine called a make and melt, while my profits were melting I wasn't making money due to breakdowns. I bought the AWV-505-B to replace it and I have already broke even on my other purchase! The AWV-505-B turned an initial bad decision back into a gold mine!" Bill Simon, Texas

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